Special walking tour in The Binckhorst, The Hague

Bicken+Bincken literally means ‘Eating & Bincking’ which is derived from the name The Binckhorst. Around this old 17th century castle, an industrial village arised in the early 1900s. This became the economic heart of The Hague and is still home to hundreds of companies, mostly adventurous entrepeneurs, since the area is going through huge developments.

While enjoying tasty food and local drinks, we will walk you through the history of The Binckhorst, from its start as a home for factories to becoming the most important economic area of The Hague. We take you where others don’t and tell you the stories behind the impressive industrial heritage.

The first companies in The Binckhorst started in the 1930s. The number of companies and factories rapidly expanded after WW II and the growth of the automobile industry. Nowadays the area is a robust community of creative talents, entrepeneurship and craft.

Come with us and enjoy an adventurous and culinary afternoon in this unique and inspiring atmosphere. Our tour guide will take you on the road and tell you all about the amazing history, new developments and the future of this area. In the meantime you will enjoy a taste of our local treats.

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Duration of the tour: 3,5 – 4 hours

You start the programme at 12.00 pm at lunchroom De Lunchboxx with a warm welcome and a nice cup of coffee or tea. Hereafter our tour guide will take you on a discovery trip through the industrial heritage of The Binckhorst. In one of the first locations, ‘De Besturing’, you will enjoy our locally brewed beer ‘Binckse Belofte’ (Binck’s Promise) and a nice small dish. This location offers a great view of the whole area of The Binckhorst.

You proceed your journey and arrive at the Komeetweg where the first factories were built by the municipality of The Hague. Jero, one of the oldest family owned paper factories in Europe, will offer an insight into the paper making process that, despite modern technology, has not been changed since the 20th century.

During the last part of the tour you will see the traditional Dutch windmill of Laak (‘Laakmolen’) and the historical ‘Schipperskwartier’ with its old harbour office and the monumental gas factory. The tour will end at the traditional Catholic cemetery St. Barbara after which we will walk back to De Lunchboxx for one last taste of Binck’s local treats and drinks.

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